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Why Choose Australian Made & Conscious Gifting?


Supporting Australian Made & Owned

Sparky & Sky are a certified Australian Owned business.

Purchasing a Sparky & Sky gift box means you are supporting our local economy, strengthening our communities & future generation jobs, while contributing toward a more sustainable, healthier and cleaner planet.

We source all of our products from other small Australian businesses who share similar values.

Gift with Purpose

Our mission at Sparky & Sky is to lift spirits by delivering beautiful gift boxes that are produced by Australian small businesses who care for our planet and its people.

Our collection of gift products are made in Australia, responsibly & with minimal impact on the environment.  Many of our gift products are hand crafted in small batches using organic, fair-trade and sustainably farmed ingredients and processes.


We wrap, post & pack using eco-friendly, biodegradable or recyclable materials.


Ethical & Progressive

Sparky & Sky choose to be a progressive small business that consciously support the wellbeing of our communities and planet.

We are committed to operate with honesty, integrity and trust.  Our team, suppliers and customers will be treated respectfully and fairly.

All of our products are priced at the recommended retail price set by our suppliers, plus shipping and wrapping services.  There are no hidden costs.



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