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The Sparky & Sky Story

Hello and thanks for visiting Sparky & Sky.


After 22 years working in the wellness industry as a holisitc exercise, yoga, nutrition and mindful meditation coach, Melbourne's relentless lockdowns prompted me to find a new way to make a difference. 


My experience working in mental health, coupled with long periods of lockdown, highlighted, the importance of spreading kindness, showing care, appreciation & reaching out to the people that are important to us.


I redirected my energy into what began as putting together meaningful care packs, and progressed to launching Sparky & Sky, ethically produced, Australian made gift boxes & hampers.

With so many small Australian businesses effected by the fires, Covid & floods, it made sense to support our very own local businesses, rather than source, cheap, unhealthy, imported goods that already exist on our supermarket shelves.


Gifts with Purpose


Each time you purchase a Sparky & Sky gift box for your employees, customers, friends or family, you become part of a greater cause.

We are a certified Australian Owned. TM business and every time you purchase from us, means that you are supporting our local economy, strengthening our communities & future generation jobs, while contributing toward a more sustainable, healthier and cleaner planet.

All of our products are sourced from small Australian businesses who value a cleaner, greener & healthier future. ​Many of our suppliers are part of social enterprises and meaningful causes. 

We encourage organisations and individuals to choose to gift consciously. We look forward to helping you make gifting seamless & meaningful.


Ethical & Eco-Friendly

Every Sparky & Sky product is sourced & made in Australia, from small businesses who share similar values and produce quality goods without harming its people or environment.

Each gift is beautifully hand wrapped, using eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable or compostable materials, including our Australian made cotton ribbon.

We aim to help you celebrate the people that are important to you by offering a wide smorgasbord of gift ideas, crafted by Australian farmers, wine makers, chocolatiers, candle makers, bakers, potters, bee keepers, chefs, aromatherapists and many more talented Aussies.


Sparky & Sky

This is Sparky (my Bordoodle dog). Sky represents the infinite ways we can share kindness and make a difference to the the wellbeing of others.

Now go on, and makes someone's day!

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