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This self care kit is designed to relax the mind,  soothe the body and nourish the soul. Perfect for the Yogi, Meditator, Traveller & those who need some encouragement to unwind.


Inside the box

1 x Wheatbag love - Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Eye Pillow

1 x Arithmos 15ml  Soothe - Pure Botanical Body Oil


Self Care Kit

  • Hand made in Melbourne using natural, organic and eco-friendly materials. Use hot or cold, to enhance relaxation and ease stress headaches.

  • This devine body oil is hand blended in micro-batches in Melbourne, using the purest botanical ingredients. Infused with rose and geranium, it is designed to moisturise, soothe and smoothe the skin and calm the mind. It really is heavenly!

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